We are MixBOT

Founded by a group of CS:GO passionated gamers around the world, aims to revialize CS:GO eSports competitive scene in Asia regions.
From software developement, event organizing/technical supports to content creation/broadcast around CS:GO, we have got you covered!

  • 11 August 2014 "MixBOT" - the prototype project

    In August 21, 2014, the founder of the MixBOT created a CS:GO '10man' (also known as 'Mix') , a matchmaking searching service based on the Steam chat bot for his friends in the goal of making community matchmaking more friendly and easily , named it as 'MixBOT'.
  • 24 April 2015 MixBOT.Programize Project

    Lately, as the user base are growing everyday, we are actively seeking for SteamBot matchmaking replacement/alternative. With the investers help, we have come up with the idea of building CS:GO matchmaking service on client software. But eventually we have to ceasing the operation due to the huge investment and time-cost required.
  • 5 November 2015 MixBOT Tournament Solution

    After we learned from our last failure. Seven months later, the company of MixBOT 'Ideafield Entertainment Limited' is founded in Hong Kong, our objective is to revitalize Asian CS:GO competitive scene with high prize pool, professional tournament standard and bringing a constant, high explosure of Asian CS, to the international audience with own tailor-made tournament system technology as well as with MixbotTV - a dedicated, passionated broadcast team for content creation.
  • NOW ...

    We are constantly evolving, learning and listening. In the up-coming future, we will keep expanding ourselves and provide supports and cooperations with Asia eSports event organizers, to provide the best time-efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, maintaining the match integrity with our anti-cheats system through the MixBOT provided tournament solutions.

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